>> Sunday, March 7, 2010

I feel like one of the most important parts of having an etsy shop is learning how to organize everything. I get these prints and I want someone to buy them but suddenly the place I used to get everything printed at gets a new tech and all the pictures come out the wrong color. Yuck. Also it costs a lot to buy all the packaging to mail things to people. I have gained a new respect for people that offer free shipping to everyone. Are they making any money? I still can't bring myself to charge people what it really costs for all the packaging and shipping costs- it is just a little bit to shameful.
To me there is nothing more exciting than getting a new box of cards. I think they are beautiful. I personally am a hoarder of stationery. I love it. I cherish it. It's like my precious. I order Christmas cards every year. I still have 200 wedding invitations I never sent out. I don't seem to be able to part with my beautiful paper. It is part of my history, my life.
So selling it comes somewhat naturally, and I am shocked that I don't sell 400 cards in a week. Who doesn't secretly want a relationship disappointment card? If not to give to yourself when you are having a bad day. We have all had a friend go through a hard breakup. If that breakup coincides with a diet it's hard to know what we can do for the friend.
I get these cards and then if anyone does order them I feel overwhelmed packaging them up. Most of the packaging supplies are in the frozen basement after all. So John and I got out the bag maker and got all of them ready for mailing. We watched two shows while this was happening. Before things are organized there is an inevitable mess. It looks like there was an explosion all over the living room floor. I decided to take a picture. We packaged the cards over two days and I realized that if I sit on the floor my hips hurt. When did I become such an old woman? Is this normal? Maybe I should get one of those old lady cushions or a floor pillow to sit on. We got finished with the 100 cards that came. Will they ever pay for themselves or gasp-make money? I don't know. maybe they will just become part of my precious collection. At least I am ready for them to go pouring out of my house.


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