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Hi- welcome to my little Etsy Shop Blog.
I'm Janae and I grew up in the great northwest in a little place called Vancouver WA. People seem to think that is either Canada or Washington DC but it's really just a nice place to grow up with mild (read:wet) weather and great people.
Claire and Me was born with my daughter.  I had always wanted to stay at home with my kiddos but as soon as she was born I noticed something about staying home- you don't make a lot of money to buy fabric. A lack of fabric would spiral anyone into depression, and I moved to Pennsylvania so most of my friends couldn't help.
Since I didn't know anyone I started making things.  I had more time to make things than my one daughter needed. My Sister Claire helped me with ideas of what to make.  Claire was the middle name of my daughter, who is always helping. My sister Rachelle introduced me to Etsy and I started selling things. Really I was lucky to find such a great community.
I feel like celebrating children's items has helped me be more excited about my kiddos and new life. I love colorful fabric and non traditional baby fabrics. After I had baby number three my husband walked out on me just one year short of him finishing medical school.
This blog will Chronicle some of my adventures in single mommy hood and the fantastic people I've met in my life and know on Etsy. Also awesome stuff I like to make. I've been home over five years learning about what it is to be a mom and I am excited to continue learning. Now I'm working full time and sewing on etsy and going back to school soon. It's so nice to be here in Utah and be able to do lots of things outside with my little ones.
Thank you for sharing in my little adventure.

My Etsy Shops:
Claire & Janae
with baby stuff for your awesome baby
Claire & Me Designs
with sarcastic cards for the wishful cynic


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I am a stay at home mom with a little bit of a fabric habit. I like selling things on etsy to see if other people like the same things I make. I have two adorable kiddos and my husband is in medical school. So when the children go to bed and husband is still away studying, I use my lovely pfaff and bring myself to cut up the fabric I adore so much.
This blog helps motivate me to get things done.

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