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>> Thursday, February 17, 2011

Now I don't know if you are aware, but I happen to have one great big dog. Well he weighs 100 pounds which I think is big. He is a mutt. He is not very smart. He is also adorable. His best trick: down. He also knows how to "get lost" which means go far away from me. I taught him that when i was pregnant. He looks old and always has since his fur has some white in it. He is built for distance and is never aggressive. His worst quality is that if you leave him alone too long in a back yard he helps excavate it with digging. Since he is a lab mixed with a shepherd or maybe a super mutt he sometimes trees things. Or does that great big hound bellow. Or wants to herd people. Or wants to protect us. He flunked obedience class several times. So after this description you should know that EVERYONE wants our dog Austin. He is somehow the perfect dog. He has never had an accident in the house except the day we got him when he was barfing worms. He only weighed ten pounds then. This is the most loved dog in the world- everyone volunteers to take him if we can't have him anymore. He is great with children and doesn't chew on things and is house broken. Plus he is afraid of cords and vacuum cleaners and any other machine that might be trying to kill him. He loves to get his toys out of the bin when I've picked up all the kid toys. He also loves to bark at 12:30 in the afternoon. Once a cat at the vet that had been attacked by dogs got in the area Austin was in. They were found snuggling together and always do when Austin visits. This week's Thursday Three is dedicated to him.


Austin always lets the kids climb on him and even doesn't get mad when babies try to poke him in the eye. He just things they are trying to show him love. He is a Gentleman.

Red Tartan Bow Tie Dog Collar from Sillybuddy

How awesome are these? I love the idea of our noble dummy wearing not only a collar but a bow tie. He knows that he is noble. I think Austin would be friends with Buddy from Sillybuddy. They would run around and Buddy would show Austin who was boss unless there was a bone involved and then Austin would steal it and guard it. Here is a description of Buddy from SillyBuddy: Silly Buddy - Buddy loves bananas, peanut butter, carrots, french fries, homemade popsicles and apples the most. He loves to roll around in warm, clean laundry and although he likes his own giant bed plenty - when we fall sound asleep he sneaks up to cuddle with us in our bed. He steals smelly socks and loves to sleep on them. Buddy loves to swim but he hates to take a bath. He gets so excited and pees his pants when we play with the laser pen and loves to roll around the floor with grandma. He loves to chase squirrels and bunnies, even when there seems to be no squirrels and bunnies around. Buddy loves to travel, he traveled to Europe, made lots of friends and enjoyed more European food than we were able to. When its late at night Buddy is very considerate, he goes up and down the stairs very slowly and quietly. Buddy gives so many kisses and loves catching bubbles. Buddy jumps so high you'd think he has a built in trampoline and could probably fly really high if he tried with his dumbo-like ears. Buddy is jealous, yet so gentle and kind. Sometimes he is a lion, at times he is a bird, sometimes he is a deer and a little bit of the time he is a pig. Buddy can find his red ball no matter where we hide it. Lately he can't seem to part with his peanut butter filled bone - When we go for a walk, Buddy brings his bone.

Buddy loves us, and we love Buddy more.

Don't you think t
hey would be doggie friends? Austin loves other black dogs.

Austin the Famous:
Austin is sometimes very smelly. He doesn't always understand that smelling bottoms is not a polite thing to do. He seemed especially interested in smelling my bottom while I was pregnant. He knew before I did.

King Of Farts Dog Tag by Sudlow
One of my first and best Etsy purchases EVER- the
King of farts dog tag. My dog is truly a king of farts. Actually now that I think of it I should send one to Austin's pug friend Ralph who is truly a royal farting dog. Did you know that Austin modeled for Sudlow? And when I say modeled I mean we sent them a picture of our dog with his dog tag on and they put it in the listing :-) Famous! One guess which one is Austin:

Austin is in the bottom right. He is using everything inside of him to sit still. also John was holding him back. Rachael Sudlow has a Website HERE. I love her stuff and my dog loves his necklace. Everyone I know loves it. They are always a little surprised to find his name is Kind of Farts. Then they laugh. because it is true. This dog can aerosolize waste. More about Rachael:

A graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design, Rachael's photography work captures the landscape with an unusual perspective, bringing the bovine & barnyard up close and personal, while transforming them into a new reality.
Her work in all aspects focuses on nature & the organic side of life. The jewelry line has been described as 'a whimsical take on the everyday'. Her line of jewelry is sold among stores across the world and is also available online.

Based out of her Lawrence, Kansas studio, she also teaches jewelry at the Lawrence arts center.

Austin the Lazy:

when Austin was in beginner obedience class three times he was really only good at one thing: down. Everyone else would be anxiously waiting to be released and Austin would lay on his side and sometimes fall asleep. He begs by sitting across the room and laying down. The only thing he really gets up for really fast is danger- like the Vacuum cleaner.

XXL 50 by 57 Unique Tough Big Dog Bed from BowWowBeds

Austin likes to eat his stuffed animals and kill them just as much as the next dog. They are loved bits of threadbare stuff after a while. Nothing is more exciting than fluff. You can imagine that his beloved beds do not fare much better.
BowWowBeds has a great dane named Darth Vader. I wonder if he could make more slober than my dog.
This bed would be perfect for him. It can be Personlized. From the description:

Our dog bed covers are made to order from durable, machine washable, 100% pure cotton duck canvas. Owners with dogs who like to chew will appreciate our no zipper-pillow sham design. Stuff them with sleeping pillows, memory foam or even an old dog bed whose cover has long since bit the dust.

This XXL (50x57) listing includes the personalization fee of $5. If you do not want personalization, please see the XXL listing which has NO PERSONALIZATION in the title!

One name up to seven letters (military font, all caps as shown, each letter measures about two inches) or one stencil saying (in fonts as shown, measure about 11 inches across) is done with non-toxic black or white fabric ink by hand. Feel free to choose one image as shown if preferred.

When you checkout, please put your fabric color preference along with your personalization request in the comments section to seller. Or feel free to email us. If an image is not specified you will receive text only. If black or white ink is not specified we will choose.

Duck canvas is one of the toughest fabrics available but not indestructible to a dog that can chew a rawhide bone at ease! If you have a pet that likes to play with or chew on bedding, only allow them to have it when you are around to teach otherwise. Dogs are smart! Positive consistent training=problem solved.

I like personalized items.

What would your get your dog?


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