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>> Thursday, February 10, 2011

I thought you might be wondering what I thought about three items on Etsy. So I will tell you.

OK I have to admit lately I am loving the geometric necklaces. Loving. Today I thought about three of them.
One is the Triangles in a trapezoid necklace. can you believe it is hand embroidered? I like this seller's shop because it has great items- like an embroidered map of the USA made into a necklace. Crazy awesome. she has a blog (love blogs). She is named Penelope which makes her even cooler. Plus once she made a treasury with my item in it. Not only was it on the front page, but the item sold. I felt pretty honored because she is an indie artist. Not only does she use mostly recycled materials, she is also a member of the etsy free spirits team. I have always wanted to be a little more indie than I am. Just like how I wish I was a vegetarian. She even has vegan options in her jewelry. I love that!

also- I found a coupon for free shipping on her blog. you should follow her blog.

Another Hand Embroidered Necklace maker is Spinthread. She is originally from Cuba and now lives in Boulder Colorado.
Contact Info

Well Spinthread is pretty much famous, since she was the featured seller on Etsy. I remember reading the interview because she had a picture of herself with awesome and large hair. Should I admit I read the interview because of the way she looked? Well I just did. My friend Paula has big hair too, and I feel like people with big hair sort of buzz with life.

I hope she is getting her wish of having babies. I love babies. Maybe I can make her a blanket someday. Check out her beautiful necklace in some of my favorite etsy colors- blue and yellow:
Dodecahedron Cloud. awesome title. never would have thought of it.

Lastly I thought of an artist that makes geometric jewelry in- polymer clay. Her shop name is NoMilkToday. and I had one of her items in my last Front page treasury so I think she is magic a little bit. Her Dolphin Pattern necklace is adorable. I love it.
Another reason she is awesome- she lives in Athens, Greece. One of the places I went on my honeymoon. and it was blasted hot but I liked it anyway. She says using clay reminds her of collecting things to work with in her childhood.

What have you been thinking about on Etsy?


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