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>> Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I will by buying these seeds from Cubits in a month or two... Please come spring!

Well if you love Organic Gardening you should really get to know Cubits' etsy shop. She is one of the nicest people EVER. ever. seriously. and she made a blog post about me that makes me so happy. She got a few tie die shirts from me for a midwife friend. Twins! I can't imagine having twins- one child makes me feel like I will never sleep again. (well I have two, but i mean when you have one baby).
Please comment on her blog post HERE. What a beautiful blog she has. It makes me want to buy some organic fabric and garden supplies. I guess just about everything makes me want to buy fabric though...

My next tie dye adventure did not go well with Danielle- but we sure do have fun. What is it about tie dye that makes kids want to just throw color around all over everything- Danielle loves it and comes out with a shirt that is a kind of puke brown color and wants to wear it EVERY DAY. now we've restricted ourselves to just two colors at a time, and she just douses hers and the table and, if possible, the floor around where she is working.
It makes me crazy! and it is hilarious.
Danielle had an art project today. Underneath the kitchen table. With a permanent Marker. my little artist.
My mom informs me that the payback from my childhood hasn't even begun yet (and this NOT the first marker adventure). How am I so bad at hiding markers? I can never find one...
I'm so excited for going outside with Danielle and working in the yard so she doesn't color on the floor underneath the table. I was IN THE SAME ROOM and I somehow didn't notice. I guess I was just mesmerized by the dishes and Mark emptying the cupboards. Why do child locks only work on adults? I still don't understand it. Soon all that creative energy can be spent working in the dirt :-)

what do you do with your creative energy?


Kathy March 12, 2011 at 5:58 AM  

You could keep all your markers in a mason jar with bells on it...
Then at least you know when trouble is afoot...

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