New In the Shop: The Twin Sized Throw

>> Friday, January 28, 2011

The first time people told me they wished I made blankets big enough for adults I didn't really think about it. Mainly because minky is so expensive and the satin binding would cost 14 dollars itself. Just for binding. It does feel nice when people say they like what I make though.
Then Mark was born. I made him several blankets. As a matter of fact I didn't buy him any blankets- because why would I buy my baby blankets when I sell baby items? He had quite a few cuddly blankets. Since I was breastfeeding John would bring me Mark with a cuddly blanket and sometimes Mark would leave his cuddly blanket in my bed. I was always happy cuddling with his blanket. As a matter of fact I like to have one of my arms under the pillow but I don't like it being cold so it was nice to have a blanket over it.
Then I decided to make Danielle a cuddly blanket for her twin sized bed. The only problem turned out to be that I wanted to take her cuddly blanket from her. I would sit downstairs with her on the couch and "borrow" her blanket.
Finally I've decided maybe I could carry them in the shop. It's a little experiment. The upside- if it fails, I have some of the best cuddle blankets in the world.


Annie January 28, 2011 at 11:35 PM  

Love this idea... I am obsessed with blankies and always steal my kids, how wonderful would it be to have one of your cuddlies my size!

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