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>> Thursday, January 27, 2011

I decided it was all right for my bedroom walls to be girly and fun, even though I share my bedroom with my husband. I can want whatever in there and if he wants something else I will quietly move it to his office. As a matter of fact making the guest room into his office is the best thing ever.
not really- but you could imagine the pink paint and Hollywood glam that would happen if John and I didn't share a bedroom.
A while ago I decorated the wall of my bedroom. This may not make sense but I really wanted some vintage bookplate illustrations. I wanted butterflies. I didn't really find very many on etsy. and now a little while later I have no idea what I must have been searching for, because they are all over. I wonder where people get these vintage books. Is there a store with 100s of the pages just lined up and ready to go in a frame? Where can I find that store? I remember where some vintage bookstores were where I grew up, but now I live somewhere else.
but I could still find some.
Shavingkitsupplies makes some of the most beautiful treasuries ever. and she has lovely illustrations. I love that She is from Philadelphia. and her pictures are fantastic.

peaches illustration from shavingkitsupplies

Another thing that would look good on my wall is this print from Buckscountyframes. I love the colors. I think it's dreamy. Perfect for a bedroom. Or any room. I didn't discover this great shop before I moved further away from Bucks County- but it makes me happy to think that it used to be so close to where we lived. I know where New Hope PA is, and I've been there. Too bad I didn't get to see the gallery when I was there. Maybe one of these days I will pack the kids up for a road trip to a gallery I found on Etsy. I LOVE art galleries.
A Sort of Dream from Bucks County Frames

Although I've long said the insects on the front page creep me out part of me wants to buy a butterfly for my wall. I think a butterfly is not creepy, but a beetle or other insect= horrifying. So of course I think about it a lot of the time. Butterflies are beautiful- and so colorful. Bug Under Glass has REAL BUTTERFLIES from their shop announcement:

► Eco Friendly
► Farmed raised insects from rain forest conservation programs.
► No cheap matboard backings.
► SEALED for protection - just like museums
► Archival quality acid & lignin-free linen paper.
► Every display comes with a researched story. Vintage museum style label describing your insect on back.
► Hand numbered and registered to you - not mass produced.

No other insect retailer can match this quality - I guarantee.

═╣ Environment & Conservation ╠═
B.U.G is the first and only GREEN CERTIFIED insect display business in the nation (by SF Green Business Association) and all my insects are farm raised, not wild caught, from forest conservation programs around the world.

═╣ SEEN IN ╠═
Pottery Barn & West Elm Catalogs, Apartment Therapy, Herman Miller Blog and D├ęcor 8.

Now I don't know much about insect conservation but I'm glad they are part of it. Butterflies are beautiful. I want to get one of the butterfly bushes like my aunt did. I thought of two things about this great shop- one is something that grosses me out but I can't stop thinking about- the Beetle riding a tricycle wall art. So gross. Beatles are possibly the worst bugs ever. They squish if you try to kill them- there is nothing more disgusting than the crack and squish- I'm about to throw up as I think about it. If only it was a print and not an actual beetle this print would be fun. But I can't stop thinking about it and I always want to use it in treasuries. because it is just fun looking. as long as you can get over your beetle phobia. Or maybe you don't have one like i do.

After I stop thinking about the whimsical little beetle I love the blue butterflies. We went to the Natural History Museum in Philadelphia a little while ago and they had some butterfly displays- but none of them were as good as the ones from BugUnderGlass. And I didn't see any blue ones. I love the color blue. It is my favorite. the Blue Mountain Swallowtail would look lovely on my wall. Just such a beautiful pop of color.

Blue Mountain Swallowtail (papilio ulysses) Real Framed Butterfly Art Display


Anonymous,  January 27, 2011 at 11:35 AM  

Are you familiar with Collage-o-Rama on Etsy? I've bought from the shop for gifts. Super fun and uber affordable. They have some great butterfly goodies, too:

Happy decorating!

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