>> Monday, January 24, 2011

I was featured in the Etsy Email. I am so honored I could die. As a matter of fact I did just die a little bit. On January 18, 2011 I was in the etsy email. thank You Emily you are my new best friend ever. My shop has been doing better than usual lately and it makes me want to cry with happiness. Maybe soon I will be able to afford our rock and roll medical school lifestyle.
I know you can find the info about the email on craftcult (which I didn't know before)
you can find it online here:


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I am a stay at home mom with a little bit of a fabric habit. I like selling things on etsy to see if other people like the same things I make. I have two adorable kiddos and my husband is in medical school. So when the children go to bed and husband is still away studying, I use my lovely pfaff and bring myself to cut up the fabric I adore so much.
This blog helps motivate me to get things done.

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