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>> Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well there are lots of new teams on Etsy these days. I started in curation nation and then joined my sister's team, which doesn't say you can't be on any other teams. Selection Perfection is really fun to be part of and I like my teammates. They chat a little less than my last team, but it's nice in a way so I had a break- I was getting burned out of teams. You should visit their blog HERE, it has treasury challenges which are quite fun. Since a million teams were doing treasury challenges- heck they even started a team around it, I thought my blog shouldn't do them anymore.
then I heard about an "extreme" team that was starting and I applied. I thought it was a HUGE stretch but they let me in. seriously thrilling. You can look at the members of team Xtream by clicking HERE. then you will see why I feel unworthy. I am. Still felt AWESOME to be approved. so you can imagine that I felt even better when a few hours later I got to curate a front page treasury! I had made it the day before and it took me a while to make- it was difficult. It made me crazy happy since I combined the Etsy taste test with shops from selection perfection and the Handmade in Pennsylvania team.
Then I sat down and calculated how many treasuries I needed to make until the rest of the month. and now I had better go since it's quite a few.


polka dot skies January 13, 2011 at 7:32 AM  

Congrats! I saw your collection on the front page!

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