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>> Monday, December 13, 2010

What have you been working on? Someone asked me about making a minky blanket with zebra fabric. I have to admit I've become obsessed. This is one of my favorite customer requests I've ever received because I love the prints- and she has purchased four blankets from me. It makes me giddy. I love it when custom orders are such a good idea- I wish I had thought of making more of these blankets.
Custom order are great but I realized early on that people aren't commiting to buy it when they ask if you can make something. It can get REALLY expensive if you've made some odd combination and they realize it is just as strange looking as you thought it was before you made it for them, lol. So I try to do things that I think would be cool either way. The zebra blanket idea was BRILLIANT! I find myself scouring the internet to find what kind of fabric I could buy.

It all started with a purple and zebra print blanket I made for my sister Claire. She liked it and I loved the contrast. I made it a little bigger than the blankets for some kids in my shop. Minky is so expensive I don't like to just make huge blankets- that's a big investment for someone.

then came Minkee Tween fabric. My only regret is that I didn't buy more when it came out because it is hard to find.
Then came the quest for more minky fabric. I wish I could find a light pink and a white minky but no luck so far.

After the request for more minky options I got these fabrics pretty soon and she bought BOTH blankets. I wasn't expecting that. I have lots of blankets for my babies so I was happy that she liked them.

I ordered Minky Velboa which has a slightly rougher texture- it has some swirls in it and I love that. I wanted to pair it with fun bold prints and I found the Michael Miller Dandy Damask black and white minky cuddle fabric. I LOVE THIS FABRIC. I want it all over everything. I think I will make a Janae sized blanket with it eventually. Unfortunately my sewing machine broke when I got the fabric and it took WEEKS to get it all working again.

These three are made with new minky fabric I bought. This last weekend I finally put together some extra blankets and I was so happy. It's nice to have my baby (sewing machine) back again and be getting more productive. I felt so depressed and empty without my sewing machine and I'm happy to have a new family of blankets.
And baby Mark REALLY wants to pull them off the table and rub his face in them. I always have to keep his blankets on hand so I doesn't get the ones I am making. Or actually just wait until he is asleep to make anything, or photograph anything.
Thank goodness for great ideas and morning naps

What have you been working on?


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