Thursday Three

>> Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Three- I love so many things on etsy- here are some things I found in my favorites. Etsy lets you store "favorites" in your account. I made mine secret, which totally makes me happy.

I love Bonzie. I want to put her shop in every treasury I ever make. I wish I was getting married all over again so I could wear a fancy silk bolero jacket. Maybe I could wear that to church- or we'll get invited to some fancy medical school even where I have to look nice.
I could wear this WRAP. Now to lose some weight first...

I could decorate my walls with something bright and happy if I bought some really ornate and colorful frames. How about THIS pink one? I already bought a large Ikea frame and some spray paint, but one of my smaller frames broke when it fell on the floor the other day. It made me so sad. I love Amye123 on etsy. She has this darling little deer in all her photos. I know the figurine doesn't come with the frame, but it makes me happy. and her frames are pretty affordable.

Now I always want to buy my husband new things. and I love the man jewelry. well not all man jewelry- I think of cufflinks as man jewelry because they don't have as many options as we do. I don't like big gold chains and I TOTALLY disagree with piercings. too much. But I like masculine accessories and want to buy them all the time. I thought he would like a titanium ring with crushed turquoise. I could get it HERE.
or he might want one of robandlean's rings with a wood inlay- he likes them.


Anonymous,  November 19, 2010 at 5:41 PM  

omg! I love Etsy favorites!!! thx for sharing yours. i don't keep mine secret though in hopes of my friends getting the hint....hehe

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