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>> Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I love etsy. I love looking at beautiful things and also when I have money I love buying them. I have a weakness for photography. For each week of the Treasury Challenge I will pick an item and you will make a treasury with that item in it. The best treasury wins one print of their choice from my shop. Maybe after a while you will get a more expensive prize. Or maybe I will spring for the actual item if anyone ever looks at my blog.
Want to win this week? You have one week to make a treasury with THIS item in it.
The item is from Yogagoat and they have almost 500 sales. I like their designs.
Here is their description of the plates:
Hand-made porcelain dishes are made on the potter's wheel, and hand-carved. The color is in a layer of clay that I apply to each piece before it is fired. I carve the design freehand through that layer of colored clay to reveal the whiteness of the porcelain beneath. Each piece is then fired to almost 2400 degrees Fahrenheit with a clear glaze.

Each dish measures approximately 5" in diameter, and is the perfect size for holding a bar of soap, or for keeping your rings safe by the sink. Incidentally, it will also hold a pillar candle.

Mini dishes are food-safe, and can be used for dipping sauces or "nibbly bits", as they would say on AbFab.

Dishwasher- and microwave-safe, too.

This listing is for 6 mini dishes in the colors and designs you choose. Let me know which colors and designs you would like, in the "Message to Seller" window when you check out.

If you would like me to pick, I'll make sure you get one each in gold, coral, red, light green, aqua and blue; one each of fish, bird, mum, vine, hibiscus and lotus. (Not necessarily in the same order as to correspond with the colors.)

Please allow up to 8 weeks for the making of your custom dishes.

are you ready? Go to the Treasury page of Etsy HERE and make a treasury with ANYTHING, as long as that cute little plate is included- if your treasury makes front page you are the winner- no questions.
Other than that I get to decide. Ha Ha Ha I love the power.
COMMENT with your link to the treasury, or send it to my etsy account claireandjanae (which would just make my life easier honestly so I will like you better.)
I am super excited to see what people will come up with.

Challenge Closes Next Wednesday when the next item is up.
Want to have the featured item? Convo me on etsy!


CreaShines May 21, 2010 at 10:32 AM  

Here is my treasury entry! I also messaged you on Etsy :)
~Stacey of CreaShines

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