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>> Monday, May 17, 2010

I thought the old Shop blog should talk about some shops I love. I love Threadrare on etsy. You should totally visit her shop and buy something. Her hair things are mostly made of silk and some have vintage jewels. They are that perfect fancy touch for a wedding. can you imagine a line of bridesmaids with these lovely flowers in their hair?
I actually bought a pair of headbands from her during my great bang debacle. Seriously getting rid of bangs when I was in high school was the BEST thing that ever happened to me. Then I had to go and look at Katherine McPhee's super cute blonde hair with bangs and think- I want that haircut. INCORRECT. I am not Katy perry or any of those people that look good with bangs. I really had momma hair after that. Headbands from Threadrare to the rescue! Now people can't see my uglies because they are pulled back and they always tell me my hair things are darling. She even made one out of my favorite Japanese fabric EVER.
I have to say that Jill is one of the best Twitter friends a girl can get. She actually reads what you tweet instead of just endlessly tweeting about things we should buy. (even though seriously I like her stuff). and she also sometimes changes her profile pic which I never do but respect. Follow Her!
Her Etsy profile introduces her a little Hi, I'm Jill, and welcome to ThreadRare!
I've always had a creative streak and loved my art classes in school. In college I earned my degree in textiles and clothing design and went on to own a business designing custom bridal and special occasion gowns. Now that I stay home with my toddler son, I'm channeling my creative energy into designing accessories.

I still have a deep love for luxury fabrics which is why I prefer to work with silk. Thanks to my antique-collecting parents, vintage is a big part of my life and I incorporate elements of the past into my pieces as much as possible.

When I'm not designing and sewing, I love spending time with my family, baking cupcakes, reading, traveling, and ogling jewelry.

I love supporting another momma. This one is really fun. She does beautiful custom work- there is nothing more exciting than a fantastic handmade item made exactly how you want it. The power blows my mind.

Now that was one satisfying purchase.


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