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>> Saturday, January 9, 2010

So I decided to design a poster for our office room. I am really loving the office right now and all the container store magazine holders just make me more excited about the combination of orange and blue. I think I would put blue in every room if I had my way. Oh wait, I am doing that.
I wanted to make something that was a little bit religious- and represented that my family was getting bigger. I remember when I got married people would tell me that families are forever. They said we were a little family but I didn't really feel that way. It seemed like them telling me I was married wasn't as life changing as I thought it would be. I was still the same person after all. It seemed like I was pretending somehow. I still feel like the same person but this Christmas when we packed up the presents for my daughter I felt the weight of being a parent. She woke up in the middle of the night because she was excited for Santa. She said "Santa loves me" with awe under her breath when she saw her presents. I had a baby and a little girl in matching clothes opening presents from grandparents, friends and family. This is my family. We have our own traditions. We open a present the night before Christmas- not the biggest one and not the smallest either. We read the Christmas story and my kids wear matching pajamas. We eat pancakes for Christmas breakfast and write thank you notes to Santa. Moments like these feel like forever.
I like thinking about things for myself rather than what other people would like. You can find the print at my design shop. I love making designs and making our house more beautiful. For our little family.
For free shipping mention this blog at checkout. It helps remind me that my family is a team- and I love them.


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