What I made today: Month Challenge Day Seven

>> Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I've made seven things this week. Today I played around with something I've been thinking about carrying more of in my etsy shop. Or opening a new shop with more home-based items. They aren't that fun in a way because I make them and then people send me a million questions about making them with different fabric. yes I could make them with ten million other fabrics but obviously I didn't. So I make them in the other fabric and they say "oh it was just an idea." People's great ideas can be very costly for me if they don't really want to buy them. Such is the danger with making items for other people. Any time people want these though and don't end up buying them I just use them myself, because they are one of the most useful things I make. I take it in stride with semi custom ideas people send me- someone else will want it.
consequently one person who regrets not getting the item will have to wait a few more days for me to re-finish their custom monster blanket. She has been a darling with me trying and trying and not getting the blanket quite right. I've sold all her "failures" though, and I'll be at it again later today.

Sara helped me develop the dish towels. We always need more dish towels and they always seem to go missing. Kids love to grab them off of the oven door and throw them on the floor, or carry them away if possible. Sara always has some fantastic ideas for making things- and for home repair. I faithfully use her blog roll for great reading.

We decided to decorate some tea towels while I was visiting her. I have to do projects when I visit people so this was my project. I thought maybe it should have a loop so we could attach it to a knob. Sara said she wanted to attach it to her oven handle. That is where I hang mine too. She said we needed snaps. Sara convinced me to use snaps. I still want to play around with shapes- I picked a circle which I think looks rather nice but the ribbon loop for the snaps sometimes makes the circle look funny. Today I played around with sewing finishes.
Originally I was using my circle cutter and then ironing the circle under with about a 1/8 or 1/16 inch bit of fabric under the circle. I don't like how the circle doesn't end up perfectly straight, even if the fusible interfacing is a little bitter smaller you have to use a lot of excess fabric to get correct applique edge. and you sometimes burn your fingers. Some of my shirts don't have the fold under so that's what I tried this time.
I sewed some zig zag, some straight stitch and some doubled over. I like the double stitch for applique. I wish I had a serger and then I could just serge around the edge and not worry about it.
until then...

What did you make today?


Carlie Madsen July 28, 2010 at 1:14 PM  

A pizza :) Maybe I can have a sewing lesson at your house.

Raven's Whimzy July 28, 2010 at 4:50 PM  

I am AMAZED that you are accomplishing this! It just seems SO overwhelming to me, lol. Good on you, and cute stuff, TOO!

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