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>> Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Sister warns me not to be too excited about today on Etsy. It is really hard though. I guess some people are sad when you have success. I wonder if I am one of those people. I like all my etsy friends but today two super exciting things happened. I was SO EXCITED I still can't sleep even though it's past one in the morning and I know the baby is waking up in five hours.
First- Rachelle got a treasury on the Front page of etsy. We talked about her treasury before she got it. She said she had given it so much thought. I was a little nervous and said- well it's not going to be featured so don't worry about it. I was actually worried that she would have such high expectations and then give up on etsy. I love etsy but it is hard when you want your stuff on the front page and the front page gods don't smile on you (I guess that's how I've chosen to think of it.) I like making treasuries but don't expect to be featured.
Rachelle told me not to say that- and i said I just didn't want her to be disappointed.
I was wrong.
Rachelle called me as I was driving home from a movie. Beginning of the beautiful night- Melissa watched our kiddos and we went to a movie. No kids- so relaxing.
I am in her treasury!

I almost died with happiness-
Until two hours later- MY TREASURY was on the front page. If you look carefully at the girl- I want Danielle to have that haircut.

Happiness overload.
Brooke was in it- Rachelle was in it. Kathryn MD was in it and she needs all the help she can get- she has cancer.
Maybe I should tell that one girl I stole three of the items from her favorites- but she was on the front page after all...
I hope everyone got sales- but not those items because maybe someday I will save up and be able to buy them.

Thrilling. Double Thrilling.


Carlie Madsen April 9, 2010 at 5:53 AM  

Congrats Janae on the front page! I hope it leads to lots of sells. We watched Chariots of Fire the other day. The guy who won the 10 m dash was kind of in shock after he won.

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