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>> Friday, July 13, 2012

you might be asking yourself what you should do with the fabric you bought this week. well I found another fantastic blog that could help you with that question. A site called Sew Much Ado has lots of tutorials that are great to use- and even beginner friendly. I love their peasant dress pattern.  I love sites that do tutorials- they seem to organized and with it and I want to be one of those awesome people. 
Maybe I will start being one of those people- but I can't find my camera right now so I'm going to be one of those other people that loves looking at what other people do for tutorials.  oh maybe tutorials should be on a different day than Fabric day.  but they really go hand in hand.
So do you buy fabric for a specific pattern or look for something to do with the fabric you love?
I thought of a few fabrics for this pattern.
and I love this Michael Miller fabric. I think it would make a cute little baby dress.  you know what else would?  Chevrons.  Chevrons are quite possibly my latest obsession.  I have a board on pinterest inspired by them.  So this dress could be made with chevrons. for real. Imagine how fun that would be.

what are you doing with your fabric today?


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