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>> Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today I thought about a lot of things. I am really grateful for antibiotics because I'm already feeling a little better from having a sinus infection. It is like a little sunshine. Visit the treasury HERE

Every day this month I've felt like I should link to Factorygirlashli's site. I try to do month challenges and this one is really her original idea so I think I should give her credit. Today I looked at it for the link and loved her treasury.
Ashli made a treasury today about an organization my sister in law mentioned- To Write Love On Her Arms. At first when I heard about it I thought of the people I knew who self harmed and cut themselves. I had a hard time with the title. But I read a blog post Ashli linked to from Getreadysetgo and I think it's a good organization. I've suffered from depression for a lot of my adult life and sometimes I just wonder if it will ever be just a little easier. I love the idea of a group that works together to help people. My friend Claire says sometimes it's just nice to know that someone is there to talk to. It's nice to just have someone- like a little sunshine and hope to keep you going.


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